3 Steps To Take After A Customer Complains That Your Restaurant Is Dirty


Getting a public complaint about your restaurant is always frustrating, but when that complaint describes your restaurant as dirty or unsanitary it's even more serious. If a customer complains about dirty silverware or glassware, an insect sighting, or a general lack of cleanliness, this can be devastating for your business since it discourages new customers from checking you out. Here are a few ways to handle this situation right away:

Address the Complaint With Diplomacy

Receiving this type of complaint is likely to make you feel upset and defensive, but it's so important to wait to respond until you can calm down and reply with grace and diplomacy. Respond publicly with a quick, polite message expressing regret that the customer wasn't happy with their experience and emphasizing how important it is to you to run a clean restaurant facility.

Then, suggest that the customer give you a call so you can discuss the situation in more detail. This gives you a chance to hear all the details discreetly, so you can determine how to address them and ensure the same situation doesn't happen again. It's also a good idea to welcome the customer back with a gift certificate for a free meal, allowing them to see that the problem they noticed was a one-time occurrence. In many cases, such a diplomatic response from a restaurant owner will lead to the customer deleting or amending their review.

Hire Commercial Cleaners

Complaints about cleanliness are unpleasant, but they can also be an important wake-up call that it's time to improve your cleaning processes. Sometimes family-owned restaurants start off by cleaning their restaurants themselves or having their waitstaff do it at the end of their shifts. A much better approach is to hire a commercial cleaning company with restaurant cleaning experience. They will keep your restaurant spotless while saving you and your staff a ton of time and energy.

Ask for a Health Inspection

Once you know that your restaurant is clean and sanitary, ask for a health inspection to be performed, even if you aren't due for one anytime soon. Once you pass the health inspection, you can place the certificate in a visible spot on your restaurant wall, reassuring customers that your restaurant is in fact clean. Just be sure to follow an online checklist for passing the health inspection before it takes place.

Receiving a complaint about your restaurant's cleanliness is never enjoyable, but following these tips will allow you to take control of the situation.


10 May 2018

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