Power Washing Your Old Wood Deck Could Make It Look Nearly New Again


If your wood deck is faded, dirty, and covered with stains or algae, you may wonder how you'll ever get it clean again. Rather than put up with an ugly deck or have a new deck put in when it isn't necessary, call a power washing service to restore the beauty of your old deck. Here are some steps involved in washing your old deck and the results you can expect.

Prepare For The Power Washing Service

Check your deck for repairs that need to be done such as tapping in nails that have backed out or tightening rails. Make repairs as needed so your deck is sturdy and safe. Remove everything from the deck too, such as your grill and patio furniture. Ask the power washing company if you need to sweep the deck or if that's part of their services. Also, ask if you need to cover your plants or if they bring tarps and cover the plants themselves.

Hire A Power Washing Company

One reason it's best to avoid DIY pressure washing when it comes to a wood deck is that you can trust a professional not to harm the wood. Wood can splinter under pressure, so it's important the operator uses the right pressure range and keeps the nozzle the right distance away from the wood to ensure the wood is cleaned without being damaged. The proper nozzle and technique are important too so there are no streaks when the job is finished.

Apply Cleaning Solutions

The power washing company can supply the cleaning supplies needed to eliminate deep dirt, algae, and stains. The product should be safe to use on wood and also effective. The solution can be sprayed on and allowed to work without drying out. It might be necessary to use a brush to clean away tough stains and dirt.

Power Wash The Surface

Once the cleaning solution has been rinsed away, it's time to use the power washer and remove all the dirt, algae, and oxidation from the wood. As the layers of oxidation and dirt come off, the natural beauty of the wood is revealed. Power washing can make your deck look many years younger and leave the wood planks bright and clean.

Once your wood deck has been power washed and allowed to dry, you can proceed with staining the deck to preserve its natural color or you can let it develop a patina again. You can power wash the deck when it needs it, but if you wash your deck regularly with a garden hose and keep it clean, you can keep your deck nice looking for longer. For more information, contact a power washing service


27 May 2021

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