3 Unique Uses For Dental Floss When Cleaning Around The House


If you are looking for some unique and safe methods to perform some of your cleaning tasks around the house, you might find some pretty obscure items that help a great deal. Dental floss is one of those items that everybody has in their home, but can actually be used for cleaning other things besides the space between your teeth. This guide provides you with three unique cleaning uses for dental floss.

Cleaning the Blades on an Electric Can Opener

If you use your electric can opener a lot, you have probably noticed that little pieces of canned food, or even paper from the can labels, sometimes get stuck in the teeth of the opener. Dental floss is as useful for getting the debris out of these teeth as it is getting food out of yours! Simply slide the floss into the grooves of the can opener and dislodge anything that doesn't belong there.

Keep your hands safe while performing this task. Take the extra precaution of unplugging the machine when you're cleaning it. Also, use a longer piece of floss so your fingers won't be close to the blades in case your hand slips; about six inches of floss should do the trick.  

Makeshift Indoor Clothesline

Are you someone who would prefer to line dry your laundry instead of using the dryer?  Believe it or not, strong floss can be used as a clothesline inside your house! Tie the floss to two sturdy objects like doorknobs. Once the line is in place, use it as a regular clothesline. It should be able to sustain even the weight of wet clothes. However, this trick is best used inside because wind can prove to be a little too much for the floss to withstand.

Temporary Fix For Broken Reading Glasses

If you have some items that require great eyesight to clean, such as refrigerator gaskets, you probably wear reading glasses to see every detail if your eyesight is just not what it once was. Unfortunately, these glasses have tiny screws that come out at the wrong time. Dental floss can provide a temporary fix!

Simply slide a piece of floss through the hole where the screw was and then tie it off tightly. Cut off any extra floss after you've made sure the knot is tight. This fix allows you to keep cleaning until you can get a more permanent fix or new reading glasses.

Once you have used dental floss in the above manners, you'll quickly learn that this miracle invention created to clean between your teeth can be a miracle for other cleaning areas in your home as well. Ask a cleaning professional, like A-1 Maid Service Inc, for more tips on how to clean around your home.


27 July 2015

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