Clean Your Carpets The Earth Friendly Way


When it's time for your carpets to be cleaned, you should know that you do have options that could be safer for your family. Your children and pets come in contact with your carpet constantly, and you should be concerned about the chemicals used in carpet cleaning, both do-it-yourself and commercially. Read on to learn more about environmentally-safe ways to get your carpets cleaned. Dangerous Cleaning Agents Whether store-bought or used by professional cleaning companies, some carpet shampoos and spot treatments pose serious health issues.

3 December 2015

Let A Janitorial Service Keep Your Office Clean


Your office can reflect the state of your business. A busy office can start to look cluttered and maybe even a little chaotic. If your employees are busy helping out your clients, they are too busy to make sure that everything is as tidy as you would like it. Even though a cluttered office can be the sign that your business is doing well, it isn't necessarily the best work environment for your employees.

6 November 2015

How To Make Your Guest Room More Inviting


Your home says a lot about you, and you want your guests to have a comfortable, inviting room to stay in. Follow these tips to make sure your guests feel welcomed during their stay. Clean, Clean, Clean! Of course, the first thing you do when you find out you are going to have guests is clean. Spend more time on the guest room to make sure your guests are comfortable. This means dusting, vacuuming, and changing the sheets on the bed.

13 October 2015

How To Clean Spilled Juice Out Of A Carpet


As diligent as you are about your kids' drinks, it is bound to happen at some point: somehow, somebody spills their juice all over the carpet. Whether it's the food-coloring-and-sugar variety or the all-natural, fresh squeezed type, you are left wondering if your rug will ever look good again. Before resigning yourself to living with a stained floor or spending a ton of cash to install new carpeting, you can try several methods that might just have your floors looking good as new in no time.

12 October 2015

Three Ways To Ensure You Get Your Apartment Deposit Back


Renting an apartment usually means handing over a relatively large sum of money in the form of a security deposit. Getting the full amount back can be difficult. In some cases, a landlord may try to deduct the cost of repairing damage to the unit or the cost of having the space cleaned. Here are a few ways to make sure you get your money back when you are ready to move.

1 October 2015

How To Get Bubble Gum Out Of Your Carpet In 3 Simple Steps


It's an all-too-familiar horror. Whether a guest or your child dropped it, the last place you want to see a piece of gum is deeply pressed into your plush living room rug. Regardless of how it wound up there, these simple steps will help you get that gum out of your carpet quickly. Gathering Your Tools When you find gum smeared on your carpet you need to work quickly to get it cleaned up before it works itself deeply into the fibers.

25 August 2015

Keeping Your Oriental Rug Looking Like New


If you have just purchased an oriental rug to place within your home, you will soon be enjoying its majestic beauty whenever you walk into the room you place it in. To protect your investment, routine cleanings should be done to your rug to keep it looking new as it ages. Here are a few guidelines to follow when caring for an oriental rug. Watch Your Placement To avoid having your rug become the victim of an unfortunate spill, it is best to keep it away from any areas where you serve food or drinks.

24 August 2015

3 Unique Uses For Dental Floss When Cleaning Around The House


If you are looking for some unique and safe methods to perform some of your cleaning tasks around the house, you might find some pretty obscure items that help a great deal. Dental floss is one of those items that everybody has in their home, but can actually be used for cleaning other things besides the space between your teeth. This guide provides you with three unique cleaning uses for dental floss.

27 July 2015

How Professional Cleaners Can Help Your Office Complex


Have you been struggling to keep your large office complex clean? A dirty office can make you appear unprofessional, so it is in your best interest to hire professional cleaners to get the task done for you. Find out below what professionals can do to keep your office complex looking good, as well as an estimated price of what you will have to pay. What Kind of Services Can Professional Cleaners Provide?

21 July 2015