Keeping Your Oriental Rug Looking Like New


If you have just purchased an oriental rug to place within your home, you will soon be enjoying its majestic beauty whenever you walk into the room you place it in. To protect your investment, routine cleanings should be done to your rug to keep it looking new as it ages. Here are a few guidelines to follow when caring for an oriental rug.

Watch Your Placement

To avoid having your rug become the victim of an unfortunate spill, it is best to keep it away from any areas where you serve food or drinks. Make sure anyone visiting your home knows not to walk over your rug with anything that can spill onto its surface. Keep your rug out of direct sunlight. In time, the rug can fade if left in a lit area. This will be especially noticeable if the light is shining on only portions of the rug, causing fading to occur to some parts of the ink and not to others.

Remove Dirt Regularly

Vacuum your rug once a week using an attachment hose and a soft-bristled attachment. Gently rub the rug without applying a lot of pressure to the attachment so you do not snag any of the fibers in the process. Flip your rug over once a month so it wears evenly.

Clean Your Rug

If you keep on top of routine vacuuming, you should be able to keep your rug clean. Liquids will cause the ink in an oriental rug to run, so it is not recommended to shampoo your rug at all. If you notice your rug is becoming grungy, it can be revived by placing a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water into a spray bottle and using it to lightly mist your rug. Do not rub this into your rug, as it can cause the colors to bleed. Allow it to dry right on your rug. The vinegar will brighten the colors naturally. To clean the fringe on each end of your rug, spritz with the vinegar solution and use a wide-toothed comb to move it through the length of the fringe strings. 

Deal With Stains

If you have a spill occur on your oriental rug, bringing it to a cleaning service will ensure that it is not ruined. A professional cleaning service will have the proper materials to remove the stain so the ink does not bleed throughout the rest of the fibers of the material. First, blot the stain at home using a clean piece of cloth. Do not rub. Blot from the outer edges of the stain toward the center of the stain so it is contained in one area. After the bulk of the stain has been blotted, bring your rug to a cleaning service immediately.


24 August 2015

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