How To Make Your Guest Room More Inviting


Your home says a lot about you, and you want your guests to have a comfortable, inviting room to stay in. Follow these tips to make sure your guests feel welcomed during their stay.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Of course, the first thing you do when you find out you are going to have guests is clean. Spend more time on the guest room to make sure your guests are comfortable. This means dusting, vacuuming, and changing the sheets on the bed. If the room isn't used very often, then it's a great idea to open the window for a day and air out the room. You may even want to consider hiring cleaning service providers to help you make your guest room, or even your whole house, as clean as can be.


Remove as much clutter as possible so your guests can feel like the guest room is their room while they stay with you. If they see a lot of your stuff, they could possibly feel uncomfortable with where to place their items or having to move your items.

Amenities and Welcoming Touches

Your house is not a hotel, but chances are you care very much about the guests that are coming to stay with you, or else you would not have opened your home to them. Think about all the things that you need when you are away from home and plan accordingly. Try to have items such as a small fan, bottles of water, towels, and access to plenty of outlets so they can charge their mobile devices. Also, nothing is quite as welcoming as a fresh bouquet of flowers. You can just grab some flowers growing in your garden or purchase an inexpensive bouquet at the store.

Spice Up Your Guest Room

If your current guest room is not very inviting, consider spending a small amount of money to jazz it up. A new bedspread can do wonders for your guest room. Choose something with calming colors and patterns to make your guests feel they are in a peaceful place. Also, consider picking up a few decorative pillows. Speaking of pillows, make sure your pillows are in good shape. If they are worn or don't offer much support, then pick up some new ones so your guests don't leave your house with sore bodies. You can also find some relatively inexpensive framed art for the wall.

As you can see, making your guest room more inviting is not hard or expensive. It's all about the little touches and details to show your guests that you care. 


13 October 2015

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