Reduce Solar Panel Dirt And Increase Energy Efficiency


A property owner with solar panels installed on top of a home or office's roof might welcome heavy rains. The water from the rainfall could provide the panels with a much-desirable cleaning. Or, the heavy rain and accompanying winds could yield the opposite effect. Bad weather may contribute to the accumulation of dirt and debris on the panels. Only the work of a professional solar panel cleaning service is like to reliably return the panels to their original condition and restore critical energy efficiency.

Rain, Wind and Dirt

The thought of rainwater being pristine and pure is nice but not realistic. Dirt gets kicked up by the wind and carried to roofs. Soot is in the air as well, and it will mix with the dirt and rainwater to collect on the solar panels. When the rain dries out, the dirt and soot harden. The effect is going to be particularly worse on flat panels than tilted ones. All that smeared and hardened grime is going to have a negative effect on the panels' ability to do their job.

Dirty Panels Reduce Efficiency

The purpose of solar panels is to generate power. Homes with dirty solar panels on their roofs are going to find their energy efficiency is dramatically reduced. The reason is caked dirt acts as an unwanted shield and blocks the rays of the sun from being absorbed by the panels. The actual amount of energy loss could be 25% to 30%.

The Dangers of Inefficiency

There are dangers associated with this type of energy loss. Imagine a natural disaster occurring, leaving no source of backup electricity. Energy loss means less-powered solar batteries. Weaker batteries are going to run out of power quicker. In an emergency situation, this could be disastrous.

Avoid DIY Cleaning

In order to restore the desirable levels of efficiency, the panels have to be thoroughly cleaned. Property owners trying to do things on their own may not be able to properly clean the panels. Worse yet, using the wrong cleaning tools and employing the wrong approach could lead to scratches on the panels. Scratched panels won't operate efficiently.

The Desired Professional Results

In the days after heavy rains, call on a professional service, such as LA Solar Cleaners, to perform a thorough cleaning. Doing so is strongly advised if the panels were never cleaned before. After the initial job, set up an annual cleaning schedule to make sure dirt won't ever undermine efficiency.


9 August 2016

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