Prepping The Exterior Of Your Home For Sale: Three Things To Consider


Making the exterior of your home beautiful before putting it up for sale is just as important as cleaning and repairing the interior. The exterior is the first thing prospective home buyers see, so you'll want to do a few things to make it look great. Here are just some of the many things you can do to prepare the exterior of your home for sale.

Hire A Pressure Washing Service

A pressure washing service can clean your patio or porch to bring out the beauty in the wood, and it can also clean your driveway and walkway. If your siding needs a bit of TLC, the pressure washing service can also clean it for you to make your house look fresh and clean. Some pressure washing services, such as Nothing But Clean Window Cleaning, also offer window cleaning, so be sure to ask about having your windows cleaned too.

Spruce Up The Landscape

If you don't have any flowers planted in your front yard, consider adding some to the area beneath your picture window or along your walkway. Colorful flowers can do a lot to brighten up your front lawn. You can hire a landscaping service to do this for you, or if you have a green thumb, you can tackle it on your own. Don't forget to prune any hedges or bushes you might have to give them a crisp, clean look. Should your home be on the market during the fall, keep the lawn raked and free from leaves as much as you can.

Store Outside Equipment

Bikes, children's toys, and other outdoor equipment should be tucked away out of sight. You can store these items in a self-storage unit until you move, or you can add a small storage shed to your backyard to keep these items organized. Try to avoid storing these items in the garage, as buyers may want to inspect this area of the home as well. Be sure to put any gardening equipment away after you use it in case you have a surprise home showing, and your children should do the same with their outside toys as well.

Your real estate agent can walk you through any additional steps you should take to prep your home for sale, such as minor repairs. Be sure to make a list of everything you need to accomplish and have it completed before you have your first open house. Potential buyers will see your home in its peak condition with just a bit of work.


12 September 2016

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