The Dos And Don'ts Of Maintaining Frieze Carpet


Frieze carpet features long, shag-like fibers that feel plush underfoot. These carpets can give any room a more luxurious look, but they do have a tendency to become worn, frayed, and compacted prematurely.  Follow these dos and don'ts when caring for your frieze carpet to keep it looking fresh and new.

Do: Vacuum often.

Because the fibers are so long, dirt has a tendency to get trapped deep within them where your vacuum cannot reach it. Vacuuming more often will help, since you'll remove dust and dirt before it has a chance to work itself deeper into the carpet. Aim for once a week – or twice per week if you have pets or kids.

Don't: Put the vacuum brushes too low.

Make sure you're using a vacuum with adjustable brushes. If the brushes are too low, they'll move too aggressively through the frieze fibers and may tear or fray them. You want to adjust the brushes to the highest setting. At this level, they should just gently part the carpet fibers without causing damage. If the vacuum feels like it's resisting against you as you push, your brushes are probably still too low.

Do: Rake your carpet periodically.

You can purchase a carpet rake at most home and garden stores. It looks like a miniature garden rake with little prongs. Its job is to get the frieze carpet fibers laying flat and facing the same direction. Start at one side of the room, and work your way across it slowly, raking in one direction. Some homeowners like to do this after every vacuuming session, but if you're careful to vacuum back and forth in only one direction, you may be able to rake less often.

Don't: Shampoo the carpet yourself.

Home carpet shampooers are great for standard carpets, but they're just not compatible with the long fibers of frieze carpets. The shampooer will tend to eject too much water onto the carpet and won't have the suction power to remove it. As a result, your frieze carpet may take too long to dry, developing mold and a nasty odor. A professional carpet shampooing company has high-powered suction equipment that can remove more water and encourage faster drying, even with the long, dense fibers. They also use hotter water, so they can clean effectively without getting the carpet as wet.

If you have further questions about caring for your frieze carpet, reach out to your carpet manufacturer or a local carpet cleaning company. You can read more about carpet cleaning services by following the link in this sentence.


5 October 2016

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