Use A Combination Power Washing Pressure And Soft Washing Pressure To Clean Your House's Exterior


While you may think that your house needs a new roof, don't run off and immediately hire a roofing contractor and schedule a complete roof replacement. There just might be nothing technically wrong with the current roofing at all. It may be that the roofing has collected an overabundance of debris, and mold may have also started growing and spreading all over it. Why not try power washing the roof using the soft pressure washing technique? Since you were planning to power wash the house's exterior, you can schedule a combination of both pressures to complete the cleaning on the same day.

Planning The Job

Planning is important. If you're going to do the job yourself, start by first cleaning the roof and then the rest of the house's exterior. Be careful if you're doing this for the first time. Power washing your home's exterior can prove to be a challenging job. In fact, it might be a better idea to hire a professional technician to handle power washing your house and soft washing the roof. If you've decided to do the job yourself, there are things you should first do to determine the roof's condition.

Condition Of Roof

Certain structures like the roof must be handled with extreme care in order not to damage the roof or shingles. In the case of delicate structures, using soft power washing preserves the integrity of the structures. If you've decided to do the job yourself, there are things you should first do to determine whether or not all the roof needs is a thorough soft washing. Assess what the condition looks like on the roof. Are you seeing green and black mottled colors and staining on the roof? Rotting debris mixed in with water and leaves may by now have formed a thick coating. A structurally sound roof may be underneath this mess. Soft washing will remove the mess. 

Soft Washing Technique

You'll have to obtain correct detergents and know how long the detergents' application should remain on the roof to clean it. Read the directions on the package to make that determination, and allow the cleaning agent to remain on the roof as directed. You must then rinse off the application with low pressure rinsing. Most areas on the remaining house exterior will benefit also from the soft washing application approach.

Exterior House Pressure Cleaning

You're now ready to start the remaining exterior pressure cleaning. Power washing utilizes high pressure to clean surfaces such as brick, stone, and concrete. It's okay to use this cleaning method on your concrete driveway, walkway, and sidewalk. Power washing also cleans the patio area effectively. However, don't use this method on any wood siding or on vinyl panel sidings. Never use this type of cleaning on your window screens.


27 October 2016

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