Tips For Designing Drought Tolerant Commercial Landscaping


If you recently started building on your commercial lot, then now is the time to start planning for the lot's landscaping. Landscaping in a drought area such as California requires some special considerations so that you will not need to use an excessive amount of water to keep the landscaping healthy. To this end, follow these tips to landscape your commercial lot in a way that looks wonderful but is also drought tolerant:

Tip: Choose Drought Tolerant Native Plants

When you are choosing plants for your commercial landscaping, it is important that you select plants that are both drought tolerant and native to your local area. Since native plants will be growing in a region where they are already acclimated, they will be healthier and require less water once they are established. If you select plants that are not native to your local area, then they will struggle to grow and you will need to keep watering them in order to keep them growing and looking good. If you are planting grass as part of your landscaping, then it is vital that it is native to your area and that you choose a variety such as crabgrass that does not require a lot of regular watering and mowing.

Tip: Group Your Plants Together According to Their Water Requirements

One of the best ways to save water in your commercial landscaping is to group together the plants that require the most water. This strategy allows you to run a drip line to the areas that need the most water and keep that single area of your landscaping wetter than the rest. If you disperse the plants all over your parking lot, then you will need more drip lines and you will need to use significantly more water. By concentrating your high water use plants together, they can benefit from a wetter soil region, and you can water that single area more than your overall landscaping.

Tip: Plant Low Growing Hedges and Trees on Your Commercial Lot

Finally, while trees and hedges require more water to establish them at first, once established they will use a lot less water than flowering plants or grasses. For this reason, you should plan to plant many low growing hedges and trees on your commercial lot. Low growing hedges are the most desirable because they will not block the view of your customers as they drive around your building. They also allow you to preserve the view from your building's windows to keep your building and employees safe.

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3 November 2016

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