Do You Lease Your House To Short-Term Renters? 3 Tips To Preserve Your Property


Today, many homeowners are participating in house-sharing plans that allow someone to lease the property for a short stay. While this may be a great solution that keeps your property from sitting empty, you must also take a few precautions to prevent damage. Since even cautious renters can sometimes track in mud or leave behind stains, you can use these tips to preserve your property between rentals so that your house is always in top condition.

Define Your Expectations

Short-term rental expectations can vary according to each property owner's preferences, which means that you need to be clear with your guests regarding their responsibilities for property maintenance. For instance, you may need to let your guests know what items not to put down the garbage disposal, or to tell them that they can bring their pets since you always arrange for upholstery cleaning services between rentals. Being clear about what is and is not okay in your house lets your guests relax while knowing that they will leave your property in its expected condition at the end of the stay.

Provide Your Preferred Cleaning Supplies

Although your tenant guidelines may not require them to deep clean your house, you should still expect that they may need to do things like mop or wipe down a countertop to keep things sanitary. For this reason, it is best to leave your desired cleaning products in noticeable places like the kitchen cabinet. This is especially important if your house contains specialty materials such as marble countertops or floors that could be damaged if someone uses the wrong type of cleaning solution.

Protect High Traffic Areas With Rugs

In every house, there are certain areas that tend to collect the most dirt, and you can use area rugs to provide a decorative touch while also protecting vulnerable floors. Consider placing a rug beneath your kitchen and coffee tables to catch spills from families with young children. You can also place a rug near each main doorway to prevent scratches and dirt stains. Then, you can simply arrange for area rug cleaning services when these areas get dirty rather than having to repair an entire floor. Simply search for a local cleaning service like Schroedl  Custom Cleaners

When you leave your property frequently for short periods of time, renting it out is one solution that makes sure it never stays empty. By knowing how to protect your property during these rentals, you can continue to make sure that everyone involved is happy with the arrangement.


28 June 2018

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