3 Tips To Keep Your Carpet Spotless After You Get Professional Cleaning Service


As a homeowner, you may know that it is impossible to prevent your carpet from getting dirty and stained, especially because accidents happen with any family. Coming up with a vacuuming routine is one thing that will help you keep the carpet looking clean for a long time. But, you will eventually want to get carpet cleaning service to take care of dirt and grime that will not go away.

After getting this service, you may want to know what you can do to keep the carpet spotless for as long as possible. Following a few tips will help you maintain attractive carpeting and enjoy a lengthy gap until the next time that you need to rely on service from a carpet cleaning company.

1. Protectant

When you get carpet cleaning initially, you will want to follow it up with protectant service. This is a worthwhile service to get because it will protect your carpet for a while. The water resistance that it gives will not last until the next time that you invest in carpet cleaning, but you can look forward to spills being easier to clean and not leading to tough stains shortly after the service.

2. Spills

While spills are somewhat inevitable, you should be able to reduce how many happen by making minor changes throughout the house. For instance, instead of putting drinks directly on the coffee table, you should consider investing in a solid tray where you set down all the drinks.

This way, if one of the drinks happens to spill, the liquid will not leave the tray. Without the tray, the liquid would likely spill to the edge of the coffee table and down onto the carpeting.

3. Pet Accidents

Although you will not be able to prevent pet accidents from happening, you may be able to reduce the frequency. For instance, if you are noticing that your cat is throwing up their food or spitting up hairballs on a regular basis, you should consider switching their food. Trying out a hairball formula can help with hairballs while a limited ingredient diet can reduce vomiting.

If you have a senior dog who has a hard time holding their bladder, you should consider setting up a dog-friendly litter box or puppy pads that they can use in an emergency. This will help you avoid messes on the carpet when you are not able to take your dog out in time.

Following these tips after you get carpet cleaning will help you enjoy long-lasting results. For more information, contact your local carpet cleaning services.


18 February 2019

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