Why Is Eco-Friendly Cleaning Important?


When you make the decision to hire a cleaning service to help you keep things tidy around the house, you will be faced with a few primary options. For one, you could go with a traditional maid service, which is the most common. You could also go for a cleaning company that advertises that they offer eco-friendly cleaning. Eco-friendly cleaning services put special focus into making sure their techniques and products used for cleaning are environmentally-friendly, but how important is this at home? Here's a look at a few reasons why eco-friendly cleaning in a residential environment is so important. 

This form of cleaning can mean better air quality in the home. 

Think about some of the scary ingredients that are incorporated into most regular cleaning products. Chlorine, for example, can be found in products meant to whiten and sanitize hard surfaces. Unfortunately, chemicals like chlorine can be really hard on the respiratory system, especially for those who may have existing medical issues like asthma. When you bring eco-friendly cleaning services to help you keep your home clean, they will use products that are made with mostly natural ingredients. For instance, window cleaner may be made with vinegar instead of ammonia and agents used to polish your furniture will contain essential oils for fragrance. 

You can thwart too much exposure to antibacterial agents. 

According to Science Daily, over-exposure to cleaning agents that are meant to kill bacteria could actually create a resistance to antibiotics, and some agents can alter the functions of the hormonal system. Eco-friendly cleaning agents do not contain antibacterial agents because the majority of those agents are made with certain chemicals that are obviously not so good for the environment. Therefore, when you opt for eco-friendly services, you won't have to worry about these agents hanging around the house. 

The house will be cleaned without harming the environment. 

If you consider yourself a type of person who cares about the well-being of the environment, opting for eco-friendly cleaning will further allow you to be that earth-conscious individual. You will know that the professionals will be using products that are not going to eventually slip into waterways and cause contamination. You will also know that the processes they use to clean your home will not involve creating a lot of undue waste. For example, they will use reusable cleaning cloths instead of paper towels that go in the trash. 


15 March 2019

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