Carpet Cleaning Lends A Hand To Pet Owners Needing Assistance


Carpet cleaning shouldn't weigh you down with added responsibilities. If you turn the duties over to a professional carpet cleaning team, you eliminate all the work required to do things by yourself. At times, however, you may feel capable of handling the task on your own. Some feel this way even though it's obvious they need assistance. Pet owners, in particular, may not be able to maximize carpet cleanliness. Four-legged friends tend to undermine weekly cleanings. Do you want your beloved pet to turn your carpet into something posing health risks? If not properly cleaned, that's what might happen.

Beware of What You Don't See

When your dog runs in from the outside, muddy paw prints may stain the carpet. Cleaning the carpet with spot remover and running the vacuum over the mess seems reasonable. Visually, the problem isn't there. That might not be the case since you don't know where the dog traveled. Did the canine run through a dirty puddle of water loaded with bacteria? And what about your cat who walks across the carpet after using a litter box? The truth is, you don't know if your carpet is now becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Perhaps industrial level disinfectant could kill off the germs living in those carpet fibers. Likely, you don't have such a product in your kitchen cabinet.

The Flea Conundrum

Other problems require extra work. Pets can suffer from a flea infestation. You can kill fleas tons of ways. However, the process takes time and requires several steps. Vacuuming the carpets offers some help as doing so gets rid of fleas caught in the suction. If you think your trusty vacuum can do the job, think again. Weak suction won't get all the fleas. As the fleas remain, they breed. Eggs remain in the carpeting ready to hatch in the future. Also, the bag containing the fleas must be removed from the residence. Otherwise, the creatures may find their way out of the vacuum.

A few benefits exist when calling in a professional carpet cleaning team. For one, industrial-strength vacuums are much more potent than home versions. And those vacuums and accompanying flea-loaded bags leave with the team upon completing the job.

Experience with Pets

Professional carpet cleaning crews deal with many of the same situations over and over. Messes caused by beloved pets aren't out of the ordinary. To be sure, contact a carpet cleaning service and tell the representative your concerns. This way, they can put together a talented "pet response" team capable of handling the job.

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5 August 2019

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