If Your Mobile Home's Water Heater Flooded Your Bedroom Take These Actions


While many homeowners think about the risks of their properties flooding from hurricanes or other large storms, a home can also flood from a broken pipe or water heater tank failure.

If you are fortunate and your water heater is located in the garage when it fails, then the water will drain out through the garage door or floor drain and there won't be any residual damage. However, if you live in a mobile home where the hot water heater is located in a bedroom closet, then significant damage can occur if the tank fails.

If your mobile home's water heater failed and has flooded your bedroom, then it's important you immediately call a water damage restoration service in your area for assistance.

While you wait for the pros to arrive, follow each of these steps to help mitigate the damage:

1. Turn Off the Water Heater's Power and Water Supplies

Before you step in the water on the floor and risk electrocution, it's important you first turn off the power breaker for the water heater.

Once the electricity has been turned off, then you need to turn off the water supply line on the top of the water heater. This will stop the water from continuing to fill up the tank where it will just run out onto the bedroom floor.

2. Open All of the Doors and Windows in Your House

The more water that is allowed to evaporate from your home into the outside air the better. To give things a chance to dry out and a place for the water vapor to go, open up every door and window in your home while you wait for the technicians from the water damage restoration service to come help.

3. Turn on Every Fan You Own

To help the water molecules get from indoors to outside, the best thing you can do is run a bunch of fans to circulate the air. Turn on all of your bathroom exhaust fans, ceiling fans, and plug in any other fans you own and place them so they are orientated in such a way they are moving air from inside of your home to outdoors.

4. Start Drying the Floor

Finally, it's time to start mopping up all the water on the floor. If the bedroom happened to be covered in linoleum, then you are in luck and this will be a quick and simple project. However, if your bedroom had carpet, then you will need to remove the carpet and underlying pad before you can start sucking up the water with a shop vac or blotting it up with towels. 


8 October 2019

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