Handle Turf Damage And Cleanliness Issues


Deciding to have artificial turf installed on your commercial property will provide the illusion of fresh-cut grass throughout the year. One benefit is that you will not need to use a lawnmower to keep your property looking great. Even though this may seem to be a solution to the issues you have dealt with when normal grass was growing on your property, the turf will require routine maintenance and you may encounter situations that involve mending the turf.

Be Mindful Of How The Surface Is Used

The blades of artificial grass that make up each roll of turf are relatively short, which means that there is no margin for error when it comes to determining what types of items will be placed on top of the faux grass. For instance, if your business is located in an area that receives heavy foot traffic, there may be occasions in which someone accidentally drops a lit cigarette or places a heavy, sharp item on top of the turf, which could damage the synthetic material or cause one of the rows of the grass to separate from adjacent pieces.

A fence that is installed around the turf will prevent unwanted visitors from coming into contact with the ground covering, but if being restrictive to your customers is not exactly what you had in mind, perform routine inspections and maintenance procedures to increase the longevity of the turf.

Use A Push Vacuum And An Agent

A push vacuum can be used to lift loose dirt and debris that has fallen onto the turf. It will also aid in fluffing up blades of grass that have flattened. Before using the vacuum, inspect the turf's surface to ensure that it is dry. A damp or soggy surface will only spread dirt particles around and make a somewhat filthy ground covering look much worse than it originally did. Move large pieces of debris by hand, since the vacuum will not be able to pick them up.

If staining is present, purchase a product that is formulated for use on synthetic grass. Display signage near the sides of the turf to alert people to the fact that the turf is currently out of bounds. Apply the cleaning agent liberally to any discoloration that is present on the turf. Use a stiff scrub brush to help you dislodge crumbs or dirty substances. Once the turf has dried, use the vacuum to collect any residue that you removed from the blades.

Address Separated Or Torn Sections

If you installed the turf yourself, you may have extra scraps of the material left over. If it was professionally installed, contact the owner of the company that completed the installation so that you can acquire remnants that will match the original material. Use a synthetic adhesive to secure rows of turf that have separated. For holes, cut pieces of turf that match the missing sections and use the adhesive to secure the replacement pieces.

For more information, contact a company that offers artificial turf cleaning services.


5 December 2019

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