Let A Window Washer Make Your Dirty Windows Clear And Streak-Free


Cleaning windows is more difficult than it seems if you want crystal clear, streak-free glass. If your windows don't tilt in, you may need to go back and forth from inside to outside to get the streaks out of the glass once you've cleaned them. You may decide it's just easier to keep the blinds closed than have a goal of clean window glass. However, a better solution is to hire a window washing service. Then, you'll have clear glass you can show off without all the work, frustration, and danger from climbing on a ladder. Here's how the service works.

Get An Estimate

You'll want to know the cost upfront, so the window washer will come to your home to do a window count and take into consideration windows on upper levels or specialty windows. You can then decide if you want the windows washed both inside and outside or just outside. You might also discuss signing up for regular service, such as quarterly or twice a year, because you might get a cost break if you have regular washing done.

Prepare For The Washer

When you set up the appointment, ask what you need to do in advance of cleaning day. Companies vary on their preferences, so some may want you to clear away the space around the windows while others may do the work themselves if it's needed. You might have to pay more if you leave moving the couch or patio furniture to the window washer.

Some things you can do including moving furniture away from the windows both inside and outside. If the windows are on an upper level, make plenty of room for a ladder too. You might also want to remove screens and hose them off yourself if the window washing service doesn't include screen washing. Taking down drapes is also helpful so the washer has a full view of the windows and frames.

Enjoy Your Clear Windows

If you have a beautiful view from your windows or if you just want to watch pets and kids in the backyard, you'll appreciate looking through clear glass. Professional washers don't leave behind streaks and spots. They even have techniques for removing cloudiness and etching. Window cleaning can be done in all seasons of the year so you won't have to live with dirty windows or struggle to do a chore you hate. If window washing is not exactly a fun job for you, it's worth it to pay someone else to wash your windows and do a good job.

It feels good to live in a clean house, and when your windows are clean, too, you can open them to let in natural light and not be embarrassed over dusty windows and dirty glass when you have guests.


25 February 2020

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