Can A Carpet Cleaning Service Help With A Sticky Mess?


Homeowners should take great care when bringing certain materials through the home. Adhesive compounds may spill onto the carpet. Everything from glue to bonding agents will cause carpet fibers to stick together and prove incredibly challenging to remove. DIY attempts might make things even worse, causing a small area's mess to spread wider. A professional carpet cleaning team may solve the problem and restore the look of the once-appealing carpet.

Explaining the Extent of the Problem

Telling the carpet cleaning service representative that the carpet "has stains" or "is dirty" might not be enough when dealing with adhesive compounds. Explaining what strange liquid spilled on the carpet allows the cleaning service to figure out the appropriate response. If the team arrives expecting to see a normal pet, debris, or food stain and discover a glob of dried glue, they might not be ready to deal with the task. Providing a clear description of the problem gives the team a heads-up about what cleaning solutions and equipment they need.

Time Passes and Adds Some Benefits

After spilling a bonding agent or another non-flammable adhesive onto the carpet, taking quick action becomes necessary. Likely, the carpet cleaning team's arrival won't be fast enough to prevent the solution from drying. However, time might be on the side of the homeowner. When the stain and carpet damage is atypical, the cleaning service might need to perform research to figure out what to do. The added time may mean the ugly spot on the carpet remains for a few days but could lead to a perfect cleaning job.

A Repair and Replacement Option

Cleaning a disastrous glue or bonding agent-related mess might not be possible. That doesn't mean the homeowner is stuck with tearing out all the carpeting, though. The cleaning service may be able to cut part of the carpet away and replace it. A careful, almost artistic, touch may become necessary to blend the new section with the old seamlessly. When the carpet cleaning service specializes in such work, then "seamless" may be attainable. 

Assessing the Problem

Generally, the amount of ruined carpeting needs to be small to qualify for removal and replacement. Allow a cleaning service representative to make necessary assessments in person. Targeting cleaning or partial replacements provide far less costly solutions to replacing the entire carpet. Don't assume patch replacements are impossible. Let a skilled professional make such a determination. 


25 September 2020

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