4 Tips For Restoring A Flooded Basement From Water Damage


Did you get a lot of water in your basement, and now you're ready to start cleaning it up and begin to restore the damage? If so, it will help to follow these tips to get started with removing the water and moisture.

Evaluate The Safety Hazards

It's important to start the process by evaluating a few safety hazards. For example, is there electrical wiring that is exposed to the water, or could the water contain sewage and not be safe for your health to be around? Then it's worth contacting a professional to handle the job of removing the water for you in order to ensure it's done safely. If you don't know how to work safely, then don't do it on your own.

Act Quickly

Water damage is something that gets worse as the water is left alone. Building materials will absorb more water and become more damaged, mold is more likely to form, and mold spores can start spreading to other parts of your home. You'll always want to act quickly when it comes to removing the water so that you can start the restoration process. The speed that you react to the water is often the difference between replacement and repairing materials.

Focus On Moving The Air

The key to getting rid of all the moisture in the space will be to keep the air moving across the surface of wet materials. This is not a job that can be done with your household box fan, you'll need to rent professional equipment that can move air at high speeds to help dry surfaces out quickly. It also helps to create a path for air to flow out of the space, which involves opening windows and doors so that the air can move the moisture outside. 

Use Dehumidifiers 

Another tool that is useful for getting rid of moisture is a dehumidifier. There are powerful dehumidifiers that you can rent that will hold dozens of gallons of water before they need to be emptied, and will extract the water from the air quickly. You'll want to keep dehumidifiers running in the space until they essentially stop pulling moisture from the air at a high rate. 

Don't think you can handle the process of removing water from your basement properly? Then bring in a water damage restoration specialist to handle the job for you. They have the expertise in handling all types of water damage situations and know the most effective way to get your home back to the way it once was. Reach out to a water damage restoration service near you to learn more.


8 November 2021

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