Benefits Of Hiring A Chimney Sweep


Your fireplace is the centerpiece of your home. It creates an ambiance and sense of warmth that can be felt the moment you walk in. Like other appliances and stoves in the home, a fireplace needs to be maintained properly for optimal use. Hiring a chimney sweep can help with upkeep. Here are some key benefits to consider when it comes to keeping your chimney and fireplace clean and safe. 

Safety First

The goal of the chimney sweep is to clear out the chimney and remove as much soot and ash as possible. Over time and after excessive use, creosote begins to form, causing a buildup within the interior of the chimney. From there, particles can fall off and block the chimney airway or it can catch on fire. This leads to an extreme fire hazard that can end with deadly results. A chimney sweep will go in and safely remove the buildup and debris and remove unwanted objects from the chimney as well. Things like nests, rodents, birds, and squirrels can often get lodged or trapped in chimneys. Any foreign objects and animals will be safely removed so you can safely enjoy your fireplace again. 

Overall Savings

While safety is at the top of the list, saving money is also an advantage when it comes to hiring a chimney sweep. It allows you to burn logs more efficiently and adjust the airflow to better control interior temperatures. An expert will look closely at the flue, fireplace damper, and smoke chamber to make sure there are no cracks and creosote buildup that could be causing fires to not burn properly. Any air leaks that are found can be repaired, which will in turn help cut back on your overall energy bills by reducing heat loss

Cleaner Air

Hiring a chimney sweep can help reduce the amount of smoke that may come back into the house after ignition. Black and grey billowing smoke can occur inside when ash and soot are present. Cleaning out the chimney and all of the nooks and crannies within the chamber improves proper airflow. It also reduces the risk of lingering toxic gas that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. A clean chimney boosts air quality and can also reduce the smell and odor caused by a wood-burning fireplace inside the home. 

There are several benefits to having a chimney sweep come out and do a complete inspection of your fireplace and chimney. They will also offer tips on how to keep it clean in between sweeps. Setting up an appointment for cleaning is not just beneficial for keeping your fireplace clean, it can also increase the safety of your family and your home. Reach out to a local chimney sweep service to learn more.


6 December 2021

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