Importance Of Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen Hood System


A kitchen or exhaust hood is a vital component that you install on top of your cooking devices. The hoods have a fan that sucks up the air with foreign particles into the hood as you cook. The contaminated air travels via the hood's ducts to the outdoors. Therefore, a kitchen hood installation is necessary if you have a commercial kitchen. However, your kitchen hood system also requires regular cleaning. Here's the importance of restaurant kitchen hood cleaning.

Improves air quality

Foreign particles like grease and excess moisture may contaminate the air during cooking. Therefore, the kitchen may become uncomfortable for your employees. Fortunately, kitchen hoods eliminate these particles. The two types of exhaust hoods are:

  • Type I, or grease hoods. These eliminate grease, heat, and smoke. You can install grease hoods over kitchen equipment, including deep fryers, broilers, and ovens.
  • Type II, or condensation hoods. These eliminate moisture in different forms, such as steam. Some condensation hoods eliminate kitchen odors as well. You can install these hoods over coffee makers, dishwashers, and ovens.

When foreign particles build up in the kitchen hood over time, the hood's efficiency may reduce, lowering your kitchen's air quality. Restaurant kitchen hood cleaning removes the accumulated contaminants in the hood, ensuring proper kitchen air filtration.

Improves Safety

A clogged kitchen hood containing contaminants may endanger the health of your kitchen workers. For instance, dust in the hood may trigger allergies. Also, excess humidity in the hood may encourage mold growth. The fan may blow the mold spores in your commercial kitchen, resulting in allergic reactions whose symptoms include sneezing and eye reddening. 

Also, a blocked system may not work efficiently, and grease and oils may spread on the floor. This may lead to slip and fall injuries. Kitchen hood cleaning ensures that your grease hood works efficiently to eliminate potential allergens and grease, protecting your workers' safety.

Prevents Fires

Grease or oils may fill your kitchen hood over time. These particles are highly flammable, increasing fire outbreak risks. Fires may destroy your kitchen and spread to your restaurant, causing financial losses. Besides, your employees may sustain injuries when trapped in a fire. Hood cleaning entails the elimination of grease and other flammable contents in your kitchen hood. This reduces fire risks significantly.

Restaurant kitchen hood cleaning improves workers' safety, improves kitchen air quality, and prevents fires. Consider hiring restaurant kitchen hood cleaning services to enjoy these benefits.


28 April 2022

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