3 Things That Can Cause Recurring Carpet Stains And Odors


The carpeted surfaces inside your home can become a breeding ground for all types of gross things. The only way to prevent your carpets from sustaining lasting damage is to invest in routine carpet cleaning.

Unfortunately, some homeowners discover that even after a professional cleaning, their carpets still have recurring stains and odors that can permeate throughout the home.

Understanding what causes these recurring stains and odors will help you better care for your carpets in the future.

1. Soap Residue

The simple act of trying to clean a stain from your carpet can actually cause the stain to continue reappearing on a regular basis. A lot of the over-the-counter carpet cleaners that are available to homeowners leave behind a soapy residue within carpet fibers.

The recurring stain that appears may not be a recurring stain at all. It could be a new stain that is formed by contaminants that are attracted to the soapy residue that remains in your carpet.

It's important that you have a professional remove any major stains from your carpet. Carpet professionals are able to thoroughly rinse your carpet after using a stain remover to prevent soap residue from causing any stains in the future.

2. Excess Moisture

The contaminants that cause carpet stains don't stay on the surface of your carpets. Instead, they seep down into the carpet fibers, often infiltrating the pad beneath your carpet as well.

Excess moisture has the potential to cause these stains to reappear. Any residual stains that are trapped deep within your carpet fibers can begin to wick to the surface when too much moisture is used during the cleaning process.

It's best to invest in a carpet cleaning method that doesn't require a lot of moisture if you have recurring stains caused by wicking. Chemical carpet cleaning prevents moisture from being left behind in your carpet fibers while effectively removing visible stains.

3. Pets

Pets are often the cause of recurring carpet odors. Animal urine has a way of penetrating carpet fibers.

Urine stains are notoriously difficult to clean because even though the visible evidence of the stain is removed, dust-filled odor crystals still linger in your carpet.

The only way to completely eliminate pet odors from your carpets is to have a professional use a biological cleaner. These cleaners rely on digestive enzymes to break down and eliminate the odor crystals that cause pet odors to continue wafting through your home.

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17 November 2022

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