Carpet Cleaning: Common Questions From New Business Owners


When you first open a business and start operating a commercial space, there is a lot to handle. One thing that might surprise you is how much maintenance the flooring requires. The carpet, in particular, needs to be cleaned and maintained. Luckily, there are carpet cleaning companies that will do this part for you. But you still might have some of the following questions about the process.

How often should you have your commercial carpets cleaned?

This depends on how much wear and traffic your carpets get, and also on how dirty people's shoes are when they walk on the carpet. A good starting point is to have your carpets cleaned once or twice a year. If they start looking dirty before you're due for another appointment, call the carpet cleaning company and move your appointment ahead. Then, count how many months it has been since your previous appointment. For example, if it has been three months, then you likely want to have your carpets cleaned every three months from that point onward.

How do you keep people off the carpets until they dry?

It doesn't take carpets as long to dry as you might think. For one, commercial carpets tend to have short fibers, so they don't hold onto as much water as residential carpets. The equipment commercial carpet cleaners use also extracts a lot of water, so the carpet will only be slightly damp after cleaning. If you have the carpets cleaned in the evening, they will likely be dry by the next morning when you open the doors. If you live in a humid climate and don't have a good AC system, then you may want to leave the carpets another day. Try having them cleaned on a Friday and staying out of the building all weekend.

What kinds of cleaners should the carpet cleaners use?

In a commercial setting, cleaners often want to use hard-hitting cleaners to really get out the dirt and grime. However, most carpet cleaning companies now use unscented or lightly scented cleaners. This prevents them from leaving behind scents that might be irritating to some of your clients and employees.

With these questions answered, you should be better prepared to have your commercial carpets cleaned. Talk to a commercial carpet cleaning company to learn more. Most are happy to send out a representative to look over your building and give you a quote for the services you need.


10 January 2023

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