What You Need to Know About Hood Cleaning


As a restaurant owner, your top priority should be to ensure that your establishment is a clean and safe place for your customers and staff. A vital component of keeping your restaurant clean and safe is maintaining a clean kitchen exhaust system. However, without proper cleaning, your kitchen exhaust system can pose a significant fire hazard and lead to poor indoor air quality. This is where professional hood cleaning comes in. Here is what you need to know about restaurant hood cleaning.

Restaurant hood cleaning methods:

Various methods can be used to clean your restaurant hood system. However, the two major methods are scraping and pressure washing. Scraping involves manually scraping the accumulated grease from the hood, filters, and ducts using a scraper or spatula to remove visible grease buildup. However, only visible grease buildup can be removed using this method. Pressure washing involves a high-pressure water sprayer that releases mist and hot water on the kitchen exhaust system. It is labor-intensive and can take several hours to get rid of the accumulated grease.

Professional Cleaning:

Professional hood cleaning companies have specialized equipment for deeper cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system. They aim to eliminate all the accumulated grease and contaminants in your restaurant hood without damaging it. Professional cleaners use different cleaning agents depending on the type of grease present. They also ensure that all fire hazards are removed, leaving a safer and cleaner kitchen exhaust system.

What To Expect:

During a professional hood cleaning service, you should expect the certified cleaners to inspect and clean all components of your kitchen exhaust system. The inspection involves identifying if any damage has occurred and whether you will require any maintenance services. After the inspection, the cleaners will cover and protect any appliances or surfaces to prevent any damage from the cleaning process. Then, they will remove the hood filters before scraping or pressure washing the hood interiors, ducts, and fan.

When To Schedule:

You should schedule regular hood cleaning services to maintain the safety and cleanliness of your kitchen exhaust system. Most states require restaurants to get their hood systems cleaned at least a few times a year, but the frequency will depend on factors including the type of cooking, the volume of cooking, and the hours of operation. 

The Benefits:

Restaurant hood cleaning has numerous benefits for both restaurant owners and their clients. The first crucial benefit is a safer working environment. Grease buildup in the hood system results in an increased risk of a fire outbreak. Clean hoods significantly reduce this risk. The second benefit is improved indoor air quality. A clean and operational hood will suck in any smoke, steam, or heat generated while cooking, preventing them from escaping into the restaurant's environment. The third benefit is compliance with health codes and regulations, which can result in penalties and fines for restaurants that fail to comply.


17 November 2023

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